Monday, December 28, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka!

As Christmas approached, I was worried that I would have a hard time enjoying the celebrations while being across the globe from our families, but much to my delight, Chris and I had a very special first Christmas together as Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins! As a friend of ours said recently, home is where you make it and Hawaii really feels like home now. God has provided an amazing "Hawaii family" for us here and we felt so blessed to share Christ's birth celebration with them this year. 

We went to the Christmas Eve service at HCK on Thursday where I helped out in the nursery and then we enjoyed a Christmas play by the drama team and great sermon by our pastor Garrett. 

Christmas morning we woke up nice and slow, enjoyed opening presents from each other and had a great video chat with my family while we opened our presents from them! And of course, we ate yummy cinnamon buns  per the Palumbo tradition!

Chris bought me my own surfboard for Christmas so of course we had to go test it out that morning! It was a blast getting out in the surf on Christmas with our friends! 

Next in the line-up was the Bike Parade & Progressive Dinner with our friends from our mini-church (homegroup) here, complete with a giant blow-up penguin and birthday hats! Also known as "Pimp my Bike 2009", we paraded around Ewa Beach with bikes decorated for Jesus' birthday and stopped in at several friends' houses for appetizers, salads, a main course and dessert. We stuffed ourselves with food and ended the night biking around the neighborhood singing carols for all to hear. 

It was by far the craziest and most memorable Christmas we've had to date!

Stay tuned next time for a recap of our death-defying, fabulous backpacking trip to Kauai! 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snot Rockets & Sugar Plums

 If you were snuggling into bed with the Wilkins last night (which would be very strange and totally inappropriate), you might have heard this exchange:

Me: "Goodnight sugar plum!" (It's Christmastime, okay??)

Chris: " Goodnight snot rocket!"

Um, snot rocket???

That is what you get when your husband grew up in a house of 5 boys. 

(minus cousin Becca--sorry girl!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Sacrificial Love


This is a man who loves his wife. ( A wife who detests chopping onions!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Artist or not?

Once in a while, when someone introduces me, they say "This is Lindsay, she's an artist". And I get all flattered and people get all curious and ask me questions (or say, "oh, nice" and really they don't give two hoots). 

The worst is when I get into conversation with someone, tell them that I sketch and paint and find out that they are a real arteest! They went to some trendy school and paint huge, meaningful artwork and their inspiration is some guy who lived in the 15th century and had severe mental issues. 

But honestly, I doubt my status as a bona fide artist. 

(The potential of a blank canvas makes me tingle with joy)

So,  here's the question, at what point does a person call oneself an artist? I mean, yes, I "do" art. I love painting and sketching and being creative in all sorts of ways. God has given me creative talents and it gives me real joy to use those talents. And I do think that my art is pretty awesome (most of the time).

But in order to be considered an artist, shouldn't I be moody (ok, Chris might say that some days I fit this criteria), and shouldn't my paintings have underlying messages about life and death and joy and sorrow? Or is it okay that my sketches are of whatever is sitting in front of me  (water bottle, homeless man, 16th century Spanish architecture...) and my paintings are not for emotional effect but merely visual?

When does a person move from being someone who paints and draws to an artist? Do you consider yourself an artist?

**Edit** I wanted to add that there are artists I greatly admire (my grandmother, Chris' grandmother, several amazing friends) and who are great inspirations to me. So, obviously not all artists are moody and mentally unstable, that's just the stereotype that comes to mind when I start thinking about whether I am one or not. 

(I'm not fishing for compliments here, people. I really want to know what you think!)

[ on the homefront today--painting! (duh) and spending the week alone as Chris is gone 'til Thursday]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Early Morning Drives

Before the sun rises each day, Chris wakes me up with a kiss, I pull on some sweatpants, rub the gunk out of my eyes and stumble into the passenger's seat of our car. With only one car, I have to drive him into work if I don't want to be trapped in the house all day.

Usually our pre-dawn conversations include me sharing my colorful, wild dreams from the night before and sometimes we talk about Chris' schedule for the day. But mostly, we just sit in the dark car and enjoy a few extra minutes together before another busy day starts. Then, we pull up to the pier, exchange hugs and I drive home to get another hour's sleep (or two... or three if I'm being honest.)

And most days, as I drive away, I get to enjoy spectacular sunrises like this. 

I love our early morning drives. 

Guest What??

Your room awaits you! 

Here are some pictures of the guest room here at Casa Wilkins. Though not completely finished, I finally deemed it adequate about 2 hours before Angela's arrival last week. I still want to get some curtains, and I need to replace that TV tray with an actual bedside table (not to mention get a desk and set up my painting corner) but overall, I love this sunny little room. 

 { This headboard is made out of an old privacy screen & some yellow paint. Pretty easy project and I love what it adds to the room.}

{Angela snagged this welcoming sign from the Swap Meet for us during her visit!}

{A little beach reading for our guests}

{Vintage inspired Hawaii tins--love them!}

{Some vintage style postcards of Hawaii to add some more color and life to the room!}

So there you have it. Not perfect but I'm happy with it! If you're ever in the area, give us a ring--we'll get fresh sheets on that bed in no time! 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Texas meets Hawaii

Our first guest has come and gone! My cousin, Angela, from Texas had the honor of being our very first house guest in Hawaii.  Angela and I grew up seeing each other about twice a year and each year, our friendship grew as we put on skits for the family, shared our love for Christ and stuffed our mouths at Grandma's kitchen table. We always have a blast together and there was nothing different about that this week. We crammed so much into one week and I'm so thankful for the precious time we spent together. Here are some highlights from our week together (these are all Angela's photos):

We hiked up a mountain ridge in Lanikai and enjoyed the amazing view of the island.

We had dinner at Duke's in Waikiki 
We took a trip to Waimea Falls and searched out other LOST filming sites...

...and of course we had to re-enact scenes too!

Thanks for the amazing visit Angela!

[In other news, Chris has been super-busy and exhausted this last month or so. His ship has a very important inspection in December and he has been working crazy hours getting ready for it. Please pray for strength, wisdom and peace in this last month or so before the inspection!]

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Yellow Table

Last Thursday, I dropped Chris off for a 10-day underway and when I got into the neighborhood, I saw a coffee table sitting on the side of the road. It was kind of beat-up, with child-proof latches on the drawers and dog scratches on the legs. I saw a blank canvas and got excited. Unfortunately, try as I might, I couldn't get the heavy table into my car. I was crushed.

Fast forward 15 minutes and after some Facebook encouragement from a fellow Navy wife, I threw some old quilts onto the back seat and sped back there, praying all 3 blocks that it still be there. 

There it sat, begging for a fresh coat of paint and loving owners. 

After 20 minutes of huffing and puffing, about 10 unhelpful neighbors had driven by and I finally got the table into my backseat! I can't describe how triumphant I felt! 

So, I'd like to share its transformation from worn-out veteran of children's sticky fingers and bored little doggies to a beautiful sun-shiney entryway bench for a cute pair of newlyweds. 

     First,  I removed the hardware (one very loose knob!), pried the safety latches off and took out the drawers. 

Then I sanded the whole thing down. That helped a lot with the scratches. 

Next, I sprayed a coat of primer all over. The primer filled in the rest of the scratches. 

After a second trip to Home Depot to get the perfect yellow, I applied two thin coats of Behr Sunburst. 

 Bought some pretty hardware for the drawers. 

Here she is in her new home, our entryway! 

And here's a close-up of the wall decor. See my friend, the elephant? 

I can't wait to show Chris when he gets home this weekend. Usually we come in the laundry room door, but the past few days, I've been coming in our main door. It's much nicer to be greeted by a joyful elephant and bursts of color rather than piles laundry! 

Any do-it-yourself projects in your future? Do tell!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's the Little Things

Chris has been gone for almost a week now and as I await his return on Saturday (to be followed a few days later by another week long trip), I have found myself lifted by the littlest things. I thought I'd share a few with you.

I bought myself flowers on Sunday. They add such life & color to our dining room. I accidently left that yellow flower too long when I trimmed them, but I like how it stands out from the rest, so I left it He's saying, "Hello! I'm here! Look at me!" 

A blank canvas. Aah. I love it. I set up my easel on Monday. I'm so excited to get back into painting. Now I'm just brainstorming what to work on first. I love the look of a blank canvas, no matter what form it takes. A fresh sheet of college-ruled notebook paper, a white wall, a clear glass vase. Thinking about the possibilities makes me giddy. 

This little guy puts an instant smile on my face. I saw him at Ross on Tuesday, picked him up, giggled a little (in my head, not outloud, that's just weird) but decided not to buy him. Today (Wednesday), I went back to Ross with a friend and she convinced to buy him. I just love how he looks standing proudly on our new shelf in the hall!

We rarely have soda in the house. I figure, if it's there, I will choose it over water or juice and really, I should drink more water or juice. But this week, I indulged in a bottle of Dr. Pepper and each and every glass was sweet & delicious. I love Dr. Pepper. 

I've also been busy with a few projects this week. Come back later in the week to see what I've been working on! They involved some heavy lifting, lots of yellow paint and several trips to Home Depot!

(Okay, so seriously, God has taken such great care of me this week. He has given me so many things to smile about and projects to keep me busy. What could have been a depressing, boring week without Chris was actually a productive, fun week and it was not from my own strength or willpower, but only by His strength. Praise God! )

What seemingly small thing has made you smile this week?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"So Others May Live"

My husband is a United States Navy Search & Rescue Swimmer. He endured 4 weeks of tough physical training, pages and pages of procedures memorized, gained great leadership experience as the class leader and graduated with flying colors. His wife couldn't be more proud of him. 

{meanwhile, I endured 4 weeks of daytime television (lots of Tyra Banks & Full House), wrote pages and pages of thank you notes & gained great knowledge of the Twilight book series}

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aloha from the East Coast!

The East Coast??

I know, crazy. Chris & I are in Florida currently and have been on this side of the world for about a month now. He flew into Florida four weeks ago for Search & Rescue Swimmer School (SARSS) and I joined him shortly thereafter. 

Chris has been working hard all month and while he's at school, I have perfected the art of being completely useless. You know you have a problem when your dreams start involving daytime television! But it has been wonderful to spend the afternoons & evening with my hubby and we've had a chance to explore Jacksonville, Savannah, Ga and St. Augustine together!

Last weekend, we got to fly up to MD and surprise my family! They were leaving the next morning for a trip to Boston, so we only got to see them for a few hours that weekend, but I spent the next week in MD. Instead of writing all about my visit, here's a video for you. 


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Little Sprucing

The wall behind our living room couch has been bare and lonely for a few weeks now:

So I recently spent a few days in "studio" (aka the floor of our living room) and whipped up these babies:

I love how they turned out except that I think I chose canvases that were too small for the wall. Oh well, at least it's something and they make me smile when I look at the wall now. 

What do you think?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Congrats to us!

It's our 3 month-aversary today!

I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate and being married to this wonderful man is definitely cause for celebration! Chris and I are heading out to Ko'Olina tonight--a beautiful spot to catch the sunset with a picnic dinner. He's also being a big help to me and hanging one of my house projects I've been working (another post on that coming up!) 

In honor of 3 months of wedded bliss, I'll leave you all with some of my favorite pictures from our wedding.